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Survey: your experiences with HIPAA

Los Angeles NAMI members,

I NEED YOUR HELP providing feedback to the LA county and federal government about how HIPAA regulations are working in the real world and how they can improve them!  Over the years, every one of us has encountered HIPAA — with experiences good, bad, and in between.

The US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) wants to know how to better coordinate care, and ways to reduce the regulatory burdens of complying with HIPAA rules. HHS wants to consider what could be changed to better meet its goal of promoting coordinated, value-based healthcare. They have heard how HIPAA may be limiting or discouraging information sharing that is actually needed for coordinated care. They want to learn if complying with HIPAA, which is designed to protect the privacy and security of protected health information (PHI), actually creates obstacles to care and/or to patients’ ability to exercise their rights with respect to their PHI.

Sharing your experience by completing this survey is how we will advocate for changes to HIPAA to improve our own and our loved one’s treatment!  Please contribute to our advocacy by telling your story in this brief survey.

CLICK HERE for the online survey.

Thanks so much,

Brittney Weissman, Executive Director

NAMI Los Angeles County Council

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