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Family Support Group:

Our Family Support Group is led by trained facilitators who have the lived experience of caring for a close relative with mental illness, just like you. Friends of someone who have a mental illness are welcome here too.
This is the place you come when your friends and family who care about you just don’t understand what you are living through. When you begin to tell your story in the Family Support Group, you’ll see heads nodding as soon as you start to explain because the people there will have been through the same types of problems you are having now.
The group is structured yet fluid, and there are no lectures or lessons here. It is people sharing their stories, seeking help and a sympathetic ear, and people responding with empathy and brainstorming coping strategies.
The session begins with introductions, each person telling a little about themselves and their current situation, and then we have an opportunity to come back to each person and talk more about individual situations.
We honor your privacy; what is shared in this room is held in confidence. That’s one of our principles of support. Another one of our principles of support is “We never give up hope.”
Family Support Group currently meets via videoconference, and reservations are required. We are there for you every Thursday (except holidays), 5:30-7 PM.
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Family to Family Class:
This is an 8-week class for family members of someone with mental illness. It is offered periodically throughout the year, always free of charge. The typical schedule is one evening a week for 2 ½ hours per session. The class is taught by two trained class facilitators who, like you, have a close family member with mental illness.

This is a formal class with lessons and lectures on various aspects of mental illness, and it is designed to help family members understand the illnesses better and gain perspective and skills to help them and their loved one survive and thrive. Although it is a formal class with lessons and lectures, one of the strongest benefits many people enjoy is the camaraderie that develops by sharing this experience with others over a period of weeks. The final class is usually marked by plenty of tears and hugs, and gratitude for the teachers and fellow students alike.

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You can submit a form any time of year to be placed on an interest list for upcoming classes.


What is NAMI Basics?

Programa Educativo De De Familia A Familia

De Familia a Familia es un programa de 12 sesiones gratuitas para familiares, parejas, amigos y seres queridos de adultos que viven con una enfermedad mental. El curso está diseñado para ayudar a todos los miembros de la familia a entender y apoyar a su ser querido que vive con enfermedad mental, manteniendo su propio bienestar.

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